a-wandering wednesday: chiang mai, thailand


our overnight train from bangkok limped into chiang mai nearly 6 hours late - apparently the engine broke down in the middle of the night and they had to bring a new one to pull the train the rest of the way...on the plus side, i got to see the gorgeous sunrise below over the thai rainforest as i woke up on the train.  the delay definitely cut into our time in chiang mai though, which is a bummer because this town definitely deserves some dedicated exploration - a good reason to come back someday!

we still got to visit wat phrathat doi suthep, the famous temple at the top of doi suthep mountain overlooking chiang mai.  it was simply stunning, and at sunset, we were treated to the monks' evening prayer chants, which echoed through the temple walls.


a stroll through the night market provided dinner and a show - including a thai christina aguilera impersonator!

on our last morning in chiang mai, we took a cooking class.  it turned out to be perfect for me, since the food everywhere we'd been in thailand so far had been way too spicy for my wimpy tolerance - i left almost all of the peppers out of the food i made and it was glorious!  our menu included pad thai (of course), spring rolls, coconut chicken soup, and mango sticky rice, just to name the highlights.  everything was so delicious!

up next week, we're crossing into laos - and one of our favorite parts of the trip!

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