a-wandering wednesday: vang vieng


as far as i can tell, the town of vang vieng exists only to cater to tourists trekking the long road from luang prabang to vientiane.  so, while it's not the most authentic lao experience we had, it was definitely a fun place to make a pit stop.  it's nestled on the banks of a small river surrounded by karst towers rising precipitously straight from the otherwise fairly flat landscape - making for one of the most stunning landscapes i've ever seen. 

we rode bikes down the bumpiest "road" ever, visited a crystal blue swimming hole, watched fantastic sunsets, and generally just relaxed during our stop over in vang vieng.

vang vieng laos hot air balloon
Vang vieng Laos bike bicycle
Vang vieng Laos bikes
Vang vieng Laos bikes bridge

not sure where this little man was headed, but he was on a mission...

vang vieng dirt road boy
vang vieng
Vang Vieng sunset

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